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Club Volleyball FAQ

1. What is the OVR and what is the meaning of National, American, and Regional levels?

Each USA Volleyball (USAV) club participates in a designated region.   Advancement Academy participates in the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) of USA Volleyball.  At most age levels, the OVR/USAV supports 3 increasing levels of play — Regional is considered the lowest level of competition and National is the most competitive.  

2. At A2, what is the primary difference between National, American, and Regional levels?

  • Practice Time — At A2, all teams will typically practice two times a week for 2 – 2.5 hours each practice throughout the entire season.  American and National teams will have a 3rd practice prior to the start of the tournament season and then continue to have 3 practices as the tournament schedule allows.
  • Travel — At A2, Regional teams typically play OVR sanctioned tournaments within Ohio.  American teams will play a mix of OVR sanctioned tournaments in Ohio, along with occasionally traveling to larger tournaments that might be outside of the OVR region.  National teams may play in some OVR sanctioned tournaments, but typically travel to larger tournaments and/or National qualifying tournaments that are generally outside of Ohio. 
  • Tournament Play Dates — Play dates are the number of actual dates a team plays in a tournament.  Tournaments typically range from 1 day to 3 days (for National Qualifying tournaments).  Regional teams generally have the fewest play dates, following by American teams, and National teams will have the most tournament play dates.  More information on number of play dates for the various teams can be found in the Team area of each club.
  • Club Fees — Consistent with the other areas, the cost of the program is higher with the higher level of play.  More information regarding team cost can be found in the Team area of each club.

3.  How many teams will A2 have for the upcoming 2022-2023 season and at what levels?

In 2022-2023, Advancement Academy is planning for approximately 30 girls teams for A2 Girls, 15 A2 Boys teams, and 5-7 teams for A2 Boys West.  We will have a mix of National, American, and Regional teams at most age levels.  The decision on which teams will play and at which level is made based on the ability level of the athletes that participate in the tryouts and then ultimately decide to join the club.  A2 teams typically consist of 10 players.  It is our belief that having a team that is competitive, while still being challenged, creates the best atmosphere to allow an athlete to continue to grow and expand their skills.  The breakdown of ages/levels we plan to offer can be found on the Teams page for each A2 location.  

4.  Are there options other than Club Volleyball?

We have a number of other opportunities that can be considered for those not interested or ready for club volleyball.  Check out the Programs and Training tab for other opportunities.