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Out Of System

Out of System is returning to Columbus, Ohio, for the second time!

After their first visit to A2 in 2021, they're back by popular demand! 

Hosting TWO clinic sessions, they'll dive deep into the training methods that shaped Joe Worsley, Gage Worsley, and Micah Ma’a throughout their journey in defense, setting, and attacking. 

They're not just bringing their A-game but also elite-level NCAA players and coaches to boost their already stellar staff. Want to get recruited by college programs? They've got you covered.

About Out Of System

Out of System (OOS) is a volleyball media company, founded by 3 professional volleyball players (Gage Worsley, Micah Ma'a, and Joe Worsley) on a mission to unite the entire volleyball community by sharing their love of the sport.  

Out of System boasts 75k followers on Instagram and 225k followers on TikTok! They also currently host the number one volleyball podcast in the world (If You Can't Handle The Heat). 

Through their social media platforms, they share their unique experiences throughout their journey from club ball to playing for an NCAA national championship team and ultimately making their way onto the USA National Team.

A significant amount of their content has been frequently getting picked up by accounts such as Barstool, ESPN, and House of Highlights, many of which have been filmed at previous camp locations! 

Not only do they bring their professional volleyball skills to their camps, but also add a fun twist of challenges and viral trends (which makes a recipe for a GREAT TIME!)

Setter/Hitter Session

When: May 31, 2024, 4-6 pm What: Setter/Hitter Session Who: Boys and Girls 14-18 years old

All Around Defense (Digging and Blocking)

When: May 31, 2024, 6:30-8:30 pm What: All Around Defense (Digging and Blocking) Who: Boys and Girls 14-18 years old