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Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball training at A2 is open to both boys and girls. Boys and girls will play in separate tournaments, but will train together. Beach offers players a unique experience with lots of touches in live action that helps players learn all aspects of the game. Beach is different than club volleyball in the fact that players still work with a club, but individuals are on their own to register and play in tournaments.

A2 Beach Program

We are excited to announce a new and improved A2 Beach Volleyball program this season. With the recent opening of our sister club, Oasis Beach, our practices will be held with no fear of thunderstorms or uncomfortable extreme heat. Oasis Beach, located next door to our Lewis Center facility, offers 4 indoor sand volleyball courts in a climate controlled environment, complete with restaurant and bar services as well.

We are offering two levels of participation this season - the First Wave and the Second Wave. The First Wave is for those who athletes who are anxious to get an early start in the sand and fine tune their skills, and will start May 16th. The Second Wave will start May 31st, and both programs will practice 2 times per week through the end of July. Both waves include a free A2 Beach tank.

Advancement Academy's beach program offers a well-rounded experience with the coaching of fundamentals, techniques, the rules and strategies to compete successfully in 2-on-2 volleyball, and the opportunity to participate in A2-hosted tournaments in our facility. The program will be led by Coach Brian Cox who has 12 years of coaching experience, and 7 years of running beach volleyball programs. He will be supported by many other talented and experienced coaches from the Central Ohio area and beyond to give your athlete a great beach volleyball experience.

First Wave

Start Date: 5/16  I  End Date: 7/28

Dates: 5/16 - 5/26

Mondays and Wednesdays: 5-7pm  (All ages)

Dates: 5/31 - 7/28

Mondays and Wednesdays: 5-7pm (15s - 18s)

 Mondays and Wednesdays: 7-9 (14s and under)

Cost: $425

*A2 Beach tank included*

Second Wave

Start Date: 6/1 I  End Date: 7/28

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays

Times: 5-7 pm for 15s - 18s

                7-9 pm for 14s and under


Cost: $375

*A2 Beach tank included*

Single Sessions Now Available through Registration! ($25 each)

The Registration "Beach" is not currently available.

Beach Tournaments

Tournaments are a fun and exciting part of beach volleyball. Registering for beach tournaments is different from participating in indoor events because YOU get to pick and choose when and where you play! The club doesn't do the registrations for you. Tournaments can be found on the OVR beach website. Depending on the event(s) you want to participate in, you either email the tournament director stating which events you wish to participate in, or follow the online registration instructions.

A2 is hosting 21 events as Oasis between May and July on the weekends, as well as 7 events at the "Yard at Newark Station" in June and July. As a matter of fact, all A2 2021-2022 club season athletes who participate in A2 Beach this season will receive 1 free Oasis/A2-hosted tournament registration during the month of May! Just be sure to email the club director stating that you are an A2 athlete when you register for the event at Oasis or The Yard for a refund.

Hints for Selecting Tournaments: 

For 12s players, there aren't as many events, but it is common for 12s to play in 14s events, so no need to be intimidated by that. Additionally, any athlete can register to play up for a more competitive opportunity should they desire.

Tournament Information

Teams/Individuals will be responsible for their own registration into all Beach tournaments and they will be responsible for the entry fee associated with each tournament. Essentially, you can plan your own tournament schedule around your personal family schedule to play as much or as little as you wish. 

Please see the OVR Beach Tournament page to register for tournaments.

A2 Hosted Tournaments

*Only one registration is required per team.*

Want to learn more?

Visit the OVR Beach page to review more information regarding the OVR Beach program, summer tournaments, membership requirements, Q&A, etc.