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Team Information

We know that there are many factors that go into selecting a volleyball club for your athlete. At A2, we want to be transparent and let you know what you'll be paying for up front with no hidden costs. It's important to know what you are committing to so that you can make the best decision for your family.


The price breakdown below includes all coaching, practice, skills development, court fees and a uniform package appropriate for the level of each team, as well as all tournament entry fees.  While there is the option to purchase additional gear and, for some teams, potentially add non-budgeted tournaments, those expenses will be your choice and clearly communicated should they become a possibility.

* Please note that the number of teams and division levels are subject to change based on the talent levels of the athletes at tryouts. If a division level changes, club dues would be adjusted accordingly.

2022-2023 A2 Boys West Team Pricing

Team Level Play Dates Club Dues
18 Navy Regional 11-13 1700
17 Navy Regional 11-13 1700
16 Navy National 21-23 2600
15 Navy National 21-23 2600
14 Navy Regional 11-13 1700